Industrial Mineral Recycling

Since 1950, Lock 3 Mineral Processing and Recycling Company has been providing solutions for industrial manufacturers looking for ways to reprocess non-hazardous industrial minerals. Through sorting, crushing, blending and screening into a marketable product we provide turn-key solutions to reduce by-product waste and generate inexpensive products that can be consumed by refractory, steel and glass manufacturers.

Some of the common minerals we have processed are the following:

  • Oxides (MgO)
  • Alumina
  • Tabular Alumina by product
  • Calcined Alumina by product
  • Recycled Mag Spinel Bricks
  • General Recycled Industrial Minerals
  • Carbides and certain carbon products
  • Fire Clays & Grogs
  • General refractories

Custom Processing

Lock 3 Mineral Processing and Recycling Company uses a “Total Quality” method within its products and services.

Each product and service has exacting standards that must be utilized and recorded. These range from computerized sieve, moisture, and iron analysis to specifications on packaging and handling services. Certificates of Analysis are sent with each product shipment.

We have the capability to special package, in different weight and types of containers, blend different sizes and products together to help our customers continually reduce cost.

Our mineral processing services include the following:


Mixing / Blending

Screening to up to 4 splits

  • Minimum 20 mesh


  • Super sacks (Includes rebagging services)
  • Various size lbs. paper / plastic bags
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Palletizing and labelling


  • 2 integrated crushing, with integrated picking table, vertical impact crushers, demagnetizers and poly deck screeners
  • 4 mixing stations
  • 4 bagging stations
  • Our on-site laboratory for Quality Assurance

Equipment On-Site

  • 2 Picking Tables
  • 2 Jaw Crushers
  • 1 Vertical Shaft Impactors
  • 1 Hazemag impactor
  • 4 4-split SWECO Screeners
  • 2 Rare Earth Magnets
  • Electric Magnet
  • Shrink Wrap Machine
  • 4 10-ton mixers
  • 1 Auger Bagger
  • 3 Air Bagger
  • 2 impeller baggers
  • Other

Pilgrim Refractories

Pilgrim Refractories, a subsidiary of Lock 3 Mineral Processing and Recycling Company, is a toll processor of refractory castables, and dry-vibratable for a diversified field of applications involving exposure to high temperature, liquid steel, slag, and other severe operating conditions.

Pilgrim Refractories can produce a complete line of Pilcocast brand castables and dry ramming mixes that include formulas ranging from specialized high-alumina and alumina-spinel for sever steel ladle applications to general purpose medium grades.

A complete line of specialized castable refractory products includes conventional cement, low cement, ultra-low cement. All castable products are designed with good flow and working properties and our field grade castables can be installed under a wide variety of conditions.

Pilgrim Refractories has a quality assurance laboratory, specializes in rapid turn- around response to meeting customers' changing specifications and insuring product consistency from order to order.