Lock 3 Company, located outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, provides recycled raw materials and clays to the steel, refractory and cement industries across North America.

Lock 3 Company has been active in the purchase of "obsolete" and "used" refractory brick for the past 30 years. We provide solutions for industrial manufacturers looking for ways to buy inexpensive raw materials through use of recycled refractory brick. Lock 3 Company recycles the refractory brick through sorting, crushing, blending and screening into a marketable product that can be consumed by refractory, steel and glass manufacturers.

Some of the minerals, by-products and clays available are magnesium oxide, high alumina fire brick, Monofrax, AZS, and grog. Lock 3 Company also has access to high quality medium shrinkage Buff Clay (Cone 29+).

For more information please contact our General Manager, Joseph P. Montenaro


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