Pilgrim Refractories, a subsidiary of Lock 3 Company, is a producer of refractory castables, grouts, gunning mixes, dry-vibratable and Portland cements for a diversified field of applications involving exposure to high temperature, liquid steel, slag and other severe operating conditions. Pilgrim Refractories product development & quality assurance laboratory, specializes in rapid turn-around response to meeting customers' changing specifications and insuring product consistency from order to order.

Pilgrim Refractories has a complete line of Pilcocast brand castables, grouts and Pilgun brand gunning mixes that include formulas ranging from specialized high-alumina and alumina-spinel for severe steel ladle applications to general purpose medium grades. A complete line of specialized castable refractory products includes conventional cement, low cement, ultra-low cement and no-cement. All castable products are designed with good flow and working properties and our field grade castables can be installed under a wide variety of conditions


Pilgrim Refractories provides the services of its laboratory and technical staff to assist customers in resolving technical issues beyond their capabilities. This is important when addressing the cost/performance issues associated with a diversity of applications and refractory products.

For more information please contact our President, Charles "Chip" Muse.

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